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I always wondered why I am drawn to certain types of people, artists, musicians and athletes. I knew there was a pattern but I could never see it. Now I come to realize that it is most certainly not their skill set or talent, it is how they do it, what attitude they have towards life. I obsessively read interviews to get to know how they think, and feel and basically deal with life itself. And today when I was listening to Jason Silva, a guy I deeply admire as well, he said:

„they remind us of the freedom we have given up“1

it hit me. It is not about them, it is how I or we see the world through them. We realize our own prison and even more we realize that we have built it ourselves because they are proof that is is possible to step outside and experience what they do.

We are living in this constant battle between this social construct which keeps society and culture and this system going, while we also feel that we are holding back, that we could live differently, that we are craving for more creativity and freedom to express ourselves, like those people we admire. When we get confronted with their freedom some go into the state of denial or distraction and some fall in despair. 

„We keep ourselves busy to avoid seeing what’s real.“ I wrote this a few years ago because I realized that I constantly keep myself distracted to avoid my inner conflicts and struggles. To not question what I was doing, but once you experienced this sense of freedom in certain moments it is hard to go back to „normal“. We are most likely not so afraid to die we are more afraid to not have lived freely and we get reminded by it of those who do. 

08/05/2020 10:25 Berlin


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