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So many things, so many feelings, so many thoughts and nothing seemed to be right. This past few months showed me again that everything takes time. I do not want to force my work for A NEW PATH. I tried to find a way to communicate what I thought is needed in these times, but I could not find words, or ideas or images. There was just a blank page and nothing to be added. Maybe that's it. Maybe sometimes this is exactly what is needed. On the other hand I don't want to be silent in a world that seems to scream at you. But I won't scream back. I want to, but I will not. I will use my anger, frustration, fear and sadness to turn it into something meaningful, with depth and connection, with love and compassion and I hope to inspire you to do the same.

Here are a few updates for the next time:

- On the 6th of December I have a little Christmas Special available

- I want to give this page a new direction in the next month

- There will be a new small new theme and some new styles online soon

- There won't be a lot of new T-Shirts in the future, as the production pieces from Portugal are slowy sold out

- Therefore I will concentrate more on RE/CREATED Styles, designing more Sweatshirts and other products in very limited editions again

- I want to work on new ideas to give old garments a longer life

I hope you will continue to connect with A NEW PATH in some ways in the future....


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