My name is Svenja and I am the founder of A NEW PATH located in Cologne / Germany. I am a designer with a background in art and design research. With A NEW PATH I want to create a brand which questions our definition of nature as something separated from human and to translate it into garments.

As a designer I am in a constant conflict between the curiosity for new garments and the used resources and environmental impact which the process of making a garment involves. Therefore every step is thought through to be as sustainable as possible. Below you can find detailed information about my process, resources and making of the product sold on A NEW PATH:


My fabric sourcing is made from GOTS certificated companies or GOTS certificated fabrics. Under product details you can find the direct source for fabric and trims. If there are two companies who have the same quality product I will go for the one the closest to my studio to have as less transportation as possible. GOTS certificated fabrics are just possible for cotton. Additionally I use a cotton hemp mix from a GOTS certificated company. Hemp is a great fiber as it does not need any chemicals do grow and the water usage is significantly lower then for cotton. The mix of cotton and hemp brings together a softness from cotton and a durability from hemp.


The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibers including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain. It is the most trusted certificate in the industry due to its high standards and control mechanisms.


To develop the pattern by hand, paper is indispensable. I try to use as less paper as possible and reuse cut offs for small pattern pieces. The prototype is mostly done out of the original fabric and I am wearing it in my daily life to test the product and improve it constantly before producing a limited edition.

Cutting the fabric is made by hand and I choose to take the more time consuming but less waste producing method of lying down all pattern pieces of all sizes to avoid as much cute offs as possible. 

Still there is left over fabric: I sort out the small and bigger pieces and I will try to implement them in new garments or single pieces.


From design, pattern making, sewing, printing and labeling everything is made in my studio. I am doing it to have control over all aspects of the product but also to avoid the environmental impact of transportation and resources as much as possible. I am using OEKOTEX 100 certificated polyester yarn as it is the most resistent yarn right now. But I am constantly doing research on alternatives.


The screen print is made with waterbased color from Siebdruck Versand. Soon there will be an OexTex 100 certificated white print color available on the market and I will use it for the upcoming products. 


All paper prints like hangtags, business cards, poster etc. are printed from environmental friendly companies using recycled or certificated paper and environmental friendly ink. The sticker with all product information on the hangtag are made from recycled stickers printed in the studio when needed. 


I am using DHL as a delivery service as it is constantly working on their sustainability goals and on a fair salary for their couriers. Their goal is to avoid any emissions by the year 2050.  Deliveries within Germany are automatically carbon neutral with DHL. Deliveries out of Germany will be delivered with DHL go Green.

The packaging material is a silk paper and paper boxes from the company BioBiene which was selected as the sustainable brand of the year (German Brand Award 2018).


We use renewable energy.





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