My name is Svenja and I am the founder and creator of A NEW PATH located in Cologne / Germany. I am a designer with a background in art and design research.

A NEW PATH is not a brand, it is a personal project which exists because I needed a place to create and share my thoughts of what is going on in this world. I want to inspire to rethink our relationship with nature and ourselves. I want to question the status quo of the textile industry and take you on a different path. There is no big plan behind it, it evolves with me and it is open where it will go. 

This is why it is called A NEW PATH; we do not know where we end up but it is meant to be different than the old ways. 

Everything you see on this page is created and also produced by myself in my home. If you order a product I have designed, printed and sewn it. If you read a text it is either written by myself or you find quotes of people who inspired me to think different. 

I am trying to create A NEW PATH and I would love you to join.