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I met Stine at my first job as a designer. She was the graphic designer at the company by then. Our professional ways separated but our friendship continued until today. Stine is a fullheart creative, a concert lover, a great listener and always curious to learn new things.

Next to her day job she is involved in several voluntary projects for a local art club, a theater or a friend who needs a wedding card, or she just wants to make something special for a friends birthday. She is one of those women who have a hard time saying no ; ) Luckily for those who come to work with her. Because when she is doing something she puts all her skills and heart to it.

A few months ago she experienced with linolcut and created a series of prints which she started to sell for a good cause on Etsy

(have a look here) I bought a print of a sunflower and asked her if she wants to try the prints on a T-Shirt from A NEW PATH.

And here we are:

221 /Two Friends two causes and one garment

Each print is different, they are not always perfect, but they have character. The local embroidery IDADI added the stitched logo below the prints and I developed and printed the hangtags and took the pictures for the shop on a lake near Cologne.

At first the project started as a support for the organization Klumpfuss-Feuerkinder in Tanzania. Stine knows a doctor who recently spend his holidays in Tanzania to operate handicapped children for this organization. Then Russia invaded the Ukraine and we decided to split the profits to support refugees from Ukraine as well. You can have a look at both organizations here:

One T-Shirt costs 45€

35€ per T-Shirt will be donated

Have a look at the sizes and individual prints here!

Thank you for your trust and support!


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