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I follow the work of Maja for a few years now and I was intrigued by her and her approach from the beginning. By all the sameness and perfectionism created on Instagram she is a rare phenomenon of an own artistic style. Her pictures seem effortless, snapshot like, the daily life integrated in her aesthetic like shots through the mirror in the supermarket or trivial street sceneries. Her unique style, not following trends and her weird posing is so refreshing compared to the interchangeable Instagram girls where any glimpse of personality is covered with filters and perfectionism. It is funny because she basically does not tell anything about her personal life but you feel like you know more about her than about all those girls who talk about themselves all the time. 

Just by seeing her content you can see her creativity, her interest in art history, music and nature. She is able to create content with depth and leaves space for imagination. And even her commercial work for different brands like Closed, Iris van Arnheim, Ray Ben etc. are fitting in seamlessly and you can tell that the brands trust her instincts and personality.

Since a few month she started her own brand WEYHE: simple website, high quality products made in Europe, order just by mail or in her shop in Düsseldorf. 

​WEYHE is Maya Wyh without putting herself on the cover. 

17/05/2020 15:33 Köln


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