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There was a time where I consumed everything I could come across on topics like climate change, social justice issues, political conflicts, and so on. I thought I had to know everything to know how I can be part of a solution. I tried to live as sustainably as possible to then figuring out more and more parts of my life where I was not. In reality, it just drowned me into so much negative thinking and guilt of not doing enough that I could not do anything at all anymore.

The more I knew the more I felt lost and hopeless. I did not know where to start. And then I just started by myself. I still have conflicts within myself and struggles on how to live a life that is authentic and good for me and for the next generations to come. But so many people tell you what to do and how to do it right and most of the time I felt they just don‘t get me.

When it comes to A NEW PATH the most common advice or comments I got were: You got to go bigger, you need to scale it, or you got to raise your prices. And sure it makes sense rationally. And well, yes my margins are shit because I do everything on my own. But it just did not feel right at this moment to do it differently. So I did not listen to the well-intentioned opinions.

I decided to take my own pace and path. And this is what A NEW PATH is actually about. If we continue to do things how they are supposed to be, we won‘t change anything. For me making money was never the priority and I feel that it will never be. Reflecting on it now I am proud that I did not listen to all those voices and opinions. I will make mistakes but then they will be mine.


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